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Master Stratego Strategies and tips

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Written by National Chess Master Jonathan Hilton



  Learn Stratego Strategies, strategy, tips and the best Stratego  piece setups   

We've created a full 150 page e-book to take anyone from a beginner to an advanced player.

  1. A comprehensive introduction to "systematic play." Full of picture diagrams to make learning easy. 
  2. A list of setups that top players use and how to play using each setup. 
  3. Principles for where to put your pieces (e.g. the Spy, Marshal, General, Miners, etc.)
  4. Learn how to play offensively and defensively (Offense tactics and Defense tactics).
  5. Learn to avoid having your Spy captured. 
  6. Learn where to place your flags and bombs
  7. When and how to move your pieces
  8. How to trap your opponent (Traps, Forks, Zugzwang).
  9. How to come back from behind (Calculated Lotto).
  10. How to calculate like a chess player (Logical evaulation of possible moves and consequences).
  11. Learn how to avoid common beginner mistakes and logic errors in decision making. 
  12. Psychological tricks and tips to mastering board game play.
  13. Video analysis of gameplays and video examples of things from the book. (Coming soon. If you purchase the book now this will come in an update.)

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Our Blog:

On our blog we discuss games and go over recently played games.

Our Youtube Channel:

We are currently recording 100's of stratego matches and handpicking the best ones to do gameplay analysis of. 

Find video analysis of gameplays. (Videos to come soon.)



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